Donators / Contributors

This is the list of people who have helped me out in  the various devices and experiments you will find on this blog! These are the people without whom this blog and the content in it would have never existed.

Martin Toovey ( – APM autopilot and Telemetry

Wayne Garris – Bixler airframe and FPV and 6ch radio

Sandesh Dhagle – LiPo and control linkages

Mark ( – HackHD camera for FPV

Fabio Varesano ( – FreeIMU 4 boards

Steve Taylor – lasercut camera mount for Bixler

James Sowell – FPV Antenna

Ian  – CNC-ed carbon fiber gimball plate 🙂

Mr. Mohtashim ( – Quadcopter frame (HobbyKing SK450 DeadCat)

Satya Gupta ( – Propellers for quadcopter and low battery alarm

Chris Anderson – APM 2.5

RCBazaar – Turnigy 9x

Neal Haddock – Lots of cool stuff!!



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