Bixler UAV – Part 2 : FPV Setup and Flaps

Hey Guys,

I got some time to work on my Bixler again and finally received my laser-cut mount for the HackHD from my friend in the UK, Steve. I got it assembled in one evening and the epoxy had set by morning. It is pretty easy to assemble , thanks to the excellent design by gunpowder. I modified it a bit to accommodate magnets and the larger size of the HackHD.

I also mounted the 3.7v CPT regulator on top. The 1000 mW FPV Tx is mounted behind the GPS (automatic cooling).  I am also thinking of re-locating the ESC outside the body, or to at least add some ventilation.

Something on the GPS – I changed my DIYDrones Ublox GPS for a San Jose FV-M8 for its better performance (8 sats indoors within a minute!!!)

I have  ordered a 4500 mAh 11.1v nano-tech LiPo from HobbyKing for the full setup and also because one of the cells on my old

I also added flaps(!!!) to it to make landing easy when carrying a heavier payload (Think Canon Powershot A810 … more in a later post). Photos of all work done till now is below! A lot of thanks to Steve for lasering and gunpowder for the design!!



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