Episode 2 – HackHD on my Arduino R/C Racer

Hello Guys,

Its time for another CPVRC episode – its been some time since the last one!

Today, I felt bored with nothing to do in the afternoon, I brought out my drill and installed my HackHD camera on my previously documented Arduino-based racing buggy. It gets power from the Arduino’s +5v supply. I am very impressed with the HackHD’s video quality, since the video was taken in contrasting dark and light situations.


10 responses to “Episode 2 – HackHD on my Arduino R/C Racer

    • Hey Jake,
      Video was recorded to a micro-sd card, but I plan on upgrading to a larger platform and adding FPV equipment for wireless streaming. The size constraint on the current vehicle is a limiting factor for me.

      • That would be great… I would like to stream video over wifi… but I’m still researching… If u have any info.. Would be helpful…

      • It is possible to stream over wifi easily by using an cheap android camera phone. Otherwise, an IP camera or similar would have to be used.

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