Laser-cut stabilized camera mount for the Bixler UAV

I found this really cool pan-tilt mount which is perfect for my Bixler on Thingiverse, which suited my purpose perfectly. My friend in the UK, Mr. Steve Taylor, who has a laser cutter helped me to cut the design onto 3mm plywood and this is the result!

If you want one, I am selling them via the blog for $8 + postage for the complete set. Send me your details (at mhkabir98 at gmail . com) and I will arrange for a set shipped to you. It comes a lot cheaper than the  $36 ReadyMadeRC version. All you need is 2 servos to get started!

I will be using my Ardupilot Mega to keep the mount stabilized (like a pan-tilt gimball), and a HackHD camera will be mounted on it soon. More on that later.




3 responses to “Laser-cut stabilized camera mount for the Bixler UAV

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  2. Hi Kabir, I would love to buy the camera mount from your friend Steve Taylor. Could you please contact me to arrange the shipping.

    • Hey, you can get them from me directly (i’m in India so postage should be cheaper) I have a couple of sets, so I can send you one. I have sent you an email, please respond 🙂

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