Bixler UAV – Part 1

Hi Everybody,

I have received my HK Bixler (KIT) from Mr. Wayne Garris. This wouldn’t have been possible without his contributions. I have finished assemby and have finished installing the autopilot, telemetry and other stuff. Bench testing is complete. But, unfortunately … My one and only 2200mAh LiPo has died on me, and I cannot maiden it until I get a new one or someone donates one.

I am now waiting for my HackHD camera to arrive along with my laser-cut camera pan-tilt mount for it. Weather sensors and the mapping camera will be added at a later stage. FPV stuff is already on hand, but not installed yet.

I recently got hold of an ATMega328 with Optiboot from an Arduino UNO R3 which had a bad USB-to-Serial converter (16U2) Hopefully, I will be using this as the datalogging co-processor for the weather sensors.

Unfortunately, project is now at a standstill due to the lack of a LiPo. If anyone can help me out here, I would be indebted to you.



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