Repairing my 60″ glider – Crash Analysis & Nose repair

If you saw my last post and the first post of CPVRC Season 1, a spectacular crash totaled the front of my glider and sent it to the repair shop. In this post, I document how bad the crash had been and I repair the nose and prepared it to be impervious to a certain extent to future crashes.



On the outside, the nose was completely totalled. The fiberglass motor mount had cracked and gone inwards. One blade of the propeller was broken. Wings were completely OK, only a servo horn had fallen off somewhere. Its a testament to my build quality that the wings did not snap off on crashing. My LED spotlights (controlled by the relay on APM1) were thankfully intact. Minor thing, the ESC mount had broken off too.

Closer inspection and taking off the wings revealed that my APM board had come loose and the screws had moved up about a centimeter.  See the photo below. Its really amazing, with how much force the plane had smashed into the ground!!!


That about sums up the damage, now moving on to repairs.

Nose repair:

The first centimeter of the nose was crushed beyond repair, so I had to cut it off. I gave the motor mount about 3 degrees of upward tilt to adjust thrust angle to achieve a good half throttle climb without the nose pitching up violently. This time, I reinforced the nose and added thick solid triangles of depron to reinforce the motor mount.


I have sent the main rectangular wooden mount to get cut, and will collect it in a day or two. The wooden mount should not crack on future crashes like my previous fiberglass one. I will fix it with a combination of long nutted bolts and hot glue and CA.

The ESC mount was also more securely fixed and reinforced with two dowel pieces, finally being fixed with hot glue.

Next job – fix the autopilot back into the body, preferably more securely and test all electronics and check that they are in working order.




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